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Todays been good

35 cals, from yogurt
Im not thinking about going above 100 today
I need to crack down
and get
How are youu lovelies doing?

Mar. 5th, 2009

tummy is growling and I love it

Feb. 26th, 2009

after one day of yoga...all I can say is...OW.who'd thunk it'd hurt like that? well, maybe not really hurt, but more like make my muscles a bit sore from all that stretching. That's ok though, because I'll be able to get more flexible in time. I can barely even touch my ankles without having to arch my back. I have NO flexibility what-so-ever....that will change though in the next few months.

Haven't stepped on the scale in a few days. Maybe today will be the day...then again, maybe not.
I've decided to take up yoga. that is all...
much like the poster before me... i have a friend coming to visit soon. she was my roommate in college and i haven't seen her in 4 years. problem is... she's seriously anorexic. like 5'4 70lbs anorexic. and as much as i miss her... and want to see her... i'm scared of what seeing her is going to do to me.

An old friend I haven't seen for about two years wants to cath up with me. Tthat's fine and all, since I kinda miss her...but does it really have to be over dinner?

Not eating until we get together tomorrow night :(

Feb. 19th, 2009

finally starting to lose some of that weight :)
someone tell me if posting stats isn't allowed... and i'll take it down.
so here's me.

height: 5'7.5"
weight: 121lbs
bmi:18.7 (still "normal". which kills me.)
HW: 199lbs
LW: 97lbs
GW1: 115lbs
GW2: 105lbs
GW3: 95lbs
UGW: somewhere in the 75-80lb range.

bust- 31 inches
underbust- 29 inches
waist- 26 inches (used to be 24 but i'm a fucking lazy asshole)
hips- 33 inches (puuuuke)

i feel like such a fail at life, i've gained almost ten pounds and im FUCKING DISGUSTING how could i let myself do this...in a month in ttotal ive gained fifteen pounds im the biggest fail known to man i dont know why the fuck i cant do this i wanna be thin so bad but i dont have the discipline to stop stuffing my face


no more no more no more
i will restrict
i will fast
i will be fucking thin
i fucking swear by it


i swear
im so sick of my life
im fucking miserable

i need to be thin
i need to be ten pounds less and keep it LESS by spring break

weight: i can't even bear to check one more time

right under boobs:31

i know i probably just grossed everyone out
i hate me

Feb. 14th, 2009

happy valentine's day! I hope I don't get any candies from people...I'd rather just get a nice card.